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In Vertebrates:

What are the molecular mechanisms that underlie the formation of neural circuits?

How do adhesion proteins regulate synapse formation and circuit development

in oligodendrocytes and neurons in the forebrain?

We study several developmental processes: 

1. Proliferation, migration, and differentiation of neurons and glia

2. Synapse formation & Function

3. Myelination

In Invertebrates:

How has inhibitory interneuron diversity evolved independently in cephalopods?

-Tagging and cataloging classes of inibitory cells in the cephalopod brain

-Characterizing the electrophysiological, immunohistochemical, and circuit level properties of inhibitory neurons in the cepahalopd brain

I will also do this in partnership with undergraduates through a CURE at SCU: Inhibitory Interneuron Diversity in the Cephalopod Brain.

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