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Connecting Dots


How we find answers.




-We are parsing out inhibitory interneuron subclasses we use: in vivo labeling of gene expression (HRC) to localize cell subtypes, synaptic protein expression (synaptosomes and synapse tagging assays in vitro) and electrophysiological properties (patching cultured inhibitory interneurons).

-We are mapping the connectivity from the retina to the optic lobe using tracing strategies, so that it can be manipulated to examine function. 



-We use chemogenetic approaches to manipulate neuronal activity and examine changes in neuronal glial connectivity using viral circuit tracing 

-We study myelination in vitro with a neuronal glial co culture system and in vivo using staining and QLIPP anisotropy

-We study neuronal glial synapse formation in vitro using co culture synapse formation assays, in slice with patch clamp electrophysiology, and in vivo with synaptic marker labeling.

-We perturb synapse formation to examine changes in glial development and myelination using neuroligin adhesion protein deletion experiments. 

-We analyze changes in downstream signaling in glial cells when synapse function is perturbed 


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